An Experienced Court Reporting Firm to Help You Win Your Case

Attorneys and legal professionals strive to provide the highest level of service to their clients and achieve the most favorable result in every case. The service providers who support their work should share those ambitions. How do you ensure that the court reporters, legal videographers, and other professionals you enlist share your values and have a commitment to providing accurate, reliable, and professional services? By working with an experienced court reporting firm like Coash Court Reporting & Video.

Coash Court Reporting & Video has more than 40 years of experience serving clients in Phoenix, throughout Arizona, and across the US. Our nationwide court reporting network is comprised of highly qualified court reporters certified by the National Court Reporter Association (NCRA). We support the work of our team and clients with the latest technology and comprehensive services so they can focus on their work while we handle the details of making the record.

What Law Firms Can Expect When They Hire an Experienced Court Reporting Firm

The impacts of the national court reporter shortage and fewer students in the pipeline to become certified court reporters are already reverberating through the legal industry. However, this doesn’t mean that law firms and attorneys have to loosen their standards or accept services of lesser quality.

There are qualified, experienced court reporters across the nation who are ready to provide the reliable, professional services attorneys and law firms need. Often, these court reporters choose to take advantage of the benefits and security of working with an experienced court reporting firm, like Coash Court Reporting & Video. That’s why we are able to provide nationwide court reporting services without compromising quality and service.

The Advantages of Working with an Experienced Court Reporting Firm

An accurate legal record is essential for a successful case, and attorneys need to have confidence that the people supporting their work will be reliable, punctual, and professional. Experienced court reporters understand the role their services play in legal cases and know the weight of their responsibilities. When they are supported by a team of invested professionals at an experienced court reporting firm, they have the tools they need to meet the highest standards.

Experience begets knowledge. Seasoned court reporters develop a familiarity with legal language and procedures, medical terminology, and other specialized concepts.  This insight allows them to efficiently and accurately create the legal record.

Confidentiality and compliance are also critical in legal cases. Experienced court reporters and the professionals who support them know that breaches of confidentiality and procedural mistakes can be devastating to attorneys’ cases and damaging to their careers and reputations. Providers of legal support services must be extremely mindful of these considerations.

Nationwide Court Reporting Services You Can Trust

The NCRA has been setting the standard for court reporter certification since 1937. NCRA-certified reporters are well-trained and equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to perform the job competently. This is why Coash Court Reporting & Video works with NCRA-certified court reporters.

A network of these court reporters across the country helps us provide nationwide court reporting services that meet the high standards of lawyers, courts, and judges. We also take advantage of the latest technological advancements, which allow us to provide the support these professionals need.

Comprehensive Court Reporting and Legal Video Services

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Working with a full-service court reporting agency provides stability, assurance, and convenience for attorneys, law firms, and legal staff. At Coash Court Reporting & Video, we offer a range of litigation services to meet the needs of our clients:

Now Offering Expanded Legal Video Services

At Coash Court Reporting & Video, we are tuned in to the ways the legal industry is evolving and the needs that are created in that process. In addition to legal videography services for depositions, independent medical examinations, site inspections, and transcript syncing, we now offer additional legal video services to meet demand:

Work with an Experienced Court Reporting Firm

Quality court reporting services ensure an accurate legal record and help attorneys win their cases. When you work with Coash Court Reporting & Video, you get an experienced court reporting firm with nationwide reach and a full commitment to maintaining the highest standards. We also prioritize relationship building and personal, responsive service to better meet our clients’ needs. Contact us by calling (602) 258-1440 or completing our online contact form.