Family & Juvenile Law

Family & Juvenile Law

Family and juvenile law is an area of practice that effects the life of a family unit. It covers everything from prenuptial agreements, to divorce, to custody, and in severe situations, abuse and emancipation. This field of law is especially important, as it directly involves children. Attorneys in the area of practice must be dedicated to and passionate about their cause to be an effective professional, but it’s equally important they have a litigation team behind them that understands just how crucial this area of practice is.

Our staff at Coash Court Reporting & Video have been essential players in a vast number of family and juvenile cases. No matter how big or small the workload, we tend to our clients’ cases with the utmost care, leading them to come back to us time and time again. Our timeliness, effectiveness, and accuracy has guaranteed us a spot as a staple in the legal world of Phoenix, Arizona. 

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