Mastering Complexity: Seamless Solutions for High-Stakes Litigation

Traditionally, managing large cases for a court reporting company can be a daunting task – juggling deposition notices, navigating extensive service lists, calculating service rates, maintaining up-to-date exhibit lists, responding to email threads, creating Zoom links…and this is just the beginning of the process. Efficient management of large cases demands more than just proficiency; it requires a blend of experience, technological prowess, cross-department collaboration, and a commitment to meticulous organization & execution.

With 40+ years of proven expertise in the litigation services industry, Coash Court Reporting & Video is equipped with the experience and personnel necessary for delivering high-quality products with exceptional customer service for high-stakes litigation.

When a sizable case emerges, whether it’s a high-profile litigation, hearing, or trial, our talented team springs into action. The scheduling department initiates the process, working with all parties involved – attorneys, paralegals, court reporters, and in some cases legal videographers to coordinate dates, times, and venues. Collaborating with our transcript production department is paramount to ensure all special requirements are met for the client and all inquiries are answered promptly. From there, communication with all court reporters assigned to the case follows suit, ensuring everyone is up to date with all case information (order details, exhibit links, witness lists, notices of depositions, & sample transcripts for correct formatting).

On the day of the deposition, hearing, or trial, our court reporting and legal videography team diligently go to work to ensure precise transcription of testimony and flawless execution of video recording. These crucial components will eventually work in conjunction with one another to form synced files, a video file where both the testimony and transcript play in unison.

Subsequently, our production department takes over, carefully reviewing and certifying the transcripts, updating exhibit lists, and managing the files in the online repository. Ensuring that all documents in the repository are updated is essential, as this is the centralized storage location for all documents associated with the case.

Our video department then steps into action to synchronize the transcripts with the video depositions. This involves downloading the video footage, inspecting for errors, converting to the proper format, logging, and backing up the files to our company server. As a rule, all files we create are backed up with triple redundancy to ensure they’re safely stored, forever. And finally, the job order request by the client is fulfilled by receipt of accurate product – transcript and or synced video.

The efficacy of Coash’s approach is not merely theoretical; it’s been tested and proven in high-stakes litigation. Whether its cases concerning water rights involving various Native American Tribes, State and US Governmental entities that include thousands of exhibits or wrongful death cases involving City and State agencies with multi-day depositions, no case is too complex for our talented team to manage.

Ultimately, the journey from case inception to resolution is fraught with challenges—but with the right tools, strategies, and mindset, Coash Court Reporting & Video demonstrates how efficiency can pave the way for success in even the most complex legal matters.