Grow Your Professional Court Reporting Career with Coash Court Reporting & Video

Grow Your Professional Court Reporting Career

Court reporters are highly skilled and specialized professionals who provide a critical service to the legal industry. As a trained and certified court reporter, you deserve to work with a company that appreciates your value and knows the importance of the services you offer. Coash Court Reporting & Video is a family-owned court reporting firm that works with the best talent throughout the US to provide top-quality professional court reporting and videography services to our clients.

An Established Professional Court Reporting Firm

“Growth is actually contagious, so if you want to reach your goals, you’ve got to get around people who are going in the same direction you want to be going, and you will catch the success.”

‒ Henry Cloud

When court reporters Gerard and Meri Coash launched their Phoenix court reporting business in 1981, their goal was to provide the first-class court reporting services attorneys and law firms rely on to support their practices. Forty years later, that tradition continues with Gerard and Meri’s son, Jerry Coash Jr., and his wife, Cristina Contreras Coash, at the helm.

Over the years, the Coashes have surrounded themselves with people who bring exceptional qualities and contributions to the Coash Court Reporting & Video team. As a result, the company has enjoyed great success, expanding from our home base in Phoenix, Arizona to serve clients across the US.

We are all more successful when we surround ourselves with a strong, like-minded support system. Let’s find out how we can grow together!

Image of the new owners of Coash Court Reporting & Video.
Cristina Coash

Jerry Coash, Jr.

You worked hard to develop your court reporting business, and you care about your clients. When you’re ready for a new phase, you need to know the value you’ve built will be recognized and your clients will be professionally served. Coash Court Reporting & Video can help, acknowledging your investment and serving your clients so you can move on to a new phase in business or retirement.

Family-owned and -operated, our Phoenix-based business has faithfully provided personalized service to the legal community for more than 40 years, expanding later to include clients nationwide. Our reputation for dependable deposition services, legal videography, videoconferencing, and other comprehensive court reporting services has grown, helping us develop a network for providing our services to clients anywhere in the United States.

Why You Should Consider Selling Your Court Reporting Business to Us

Business owners deserve fair compensation for growing successful court reporting companies. When a business owner decides to sell a court reporting business to Coash Court Reporting & Video, we work with the company’s leadership to evaluate the services offered, obtain a fair valuation of the business, and provide the non-disclosure and other legal documents necessary to compensate the owners properly.

We also work with new acquisitions to ensure a smooth transition for both clients and employees joining the Coash Court Reporting & Video fold. Our financial strength, reputation, and experience demonstrate that your clients and employees will be in good hands to carry on your legacy.

The High Bar Coash Court Reporting & Video Offers

With Coash Court Reporting & Video, your court reporting firm joins a court reporting team in demand because of its experience in every reporting venue and dedication to upholding the highest standards of accuracy and discretion.

With four decades of experience, we understand the demands and skills required for successful stenography and court videography services. Court reporting businesses that meet demanding standards can seamlessly join our national network of court reporters to provide services like these:

Serving clients in matters regarding a full range of practice areas, ranging from business and corporate law and tax law to immigration and real estate, our reporters enjoy rich opportunities. When selling your court reporting business to Coash Court Reporting & Video, you will know that your employees and clients will have access to the services they want and need.

Let Us Continue to Provide the Professional Services Your Clients Deserve

The team at Coash Court Reporting & Video has the experience to meet the big issues head-on, maintain the personalized service your customers have come to expect, and provide your employees enriching opportunities.

Whether retirement is in the near future or human resources and employment challenges are becoming too costly, if you’re considering selling your court reporting business, you want a place that will uphold your high standards for clients and treat your court reporters as the precious assets they are. Start the conversation today by reaching out to us at 602-258-1440 or complete this online contact form.

Cristina Coash

We Start with the Finest Seeds

Court reporters who work with Coash Court Reporting & Video are certified in Arizona or the state they work in and by the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA). When you choose a court reporting career with us, we match you with attorneys, law firms, and cases that are suited to your level of certification and experience, so you can thrive in an environment that suits your current skill and comfort level.

Cultivate Your Ideal Court Reporting Career: We Start with the Finest Seeds

At Coash Court Reporting & Video, we invest in our team and focus on providing exceptional, professional court reporting and legal video services. When you work with us, you will see how our work ethic and determination benefit our partners:

  • Competitive pay;
  • Flexible work schedules;
  • Interesting and abundant opportunities;
  • In-person and virtual options;
  • Thoughtful and experienced support;
  • State-of-the-art technology;
  • Highest level of professionalism; and
  • Access to valuable tools and resources.

An untended garden cannot thrive. At Coash Court Reporting & Video, we give you the nourishment you need to bring your best to every task.

What Types of Court Reporting Jobs Do We Offer?

Coash Court Reporting & Video provides court reporting and videography services for depositions, arbitration, hearings, panel reviews, and trials across the country. Serving lawyers in various practice areas means those who work on our court reporter jobs gain exposure to a variety of legal topics and environments. Practice areas we serve include:

  • Business, corporate, and securities law;
  • Cannabis law;
  • Civil rights law;
  • Education law;
  • Employment and labor law;
  • Environmental and natural resources law;
  • Family and juvenile law;
  • Government and administrative law;
  • Health law;
  • Insurance;
  • Intellectual property law;
  • International law;
  • Medical malpractice;
  • Personal injury law; and
  • Real estate law.

Professional Court Reporting: Harvesting an Exceptional Crop

We are committed to providing outstanding service and results to our clients at Coash Court Reporting & Video, and we know that requires commitment and dedication to our practice and investment in our workforce. Together, we know we can all grow bountifully.

To learn more about growing your professional court reporting career with Coash Court Reporting & Video, please contact us at 602-258-1440 or complete our online contact form.