Real Estate Law

Every person will either own or rent property at some point in their life. That fact alone should be enough to prove just how important real estate law is. Individuals and businesses alike need real estate law to regulate rights to use, possess, or add additions to any property or land. When these regulations need to be discussed between parties, real estate attorneys and their legal teams are there to help.

The area of practice possesses quite a bit of unique and at times confusing jargon and nuances. Our staff at Coash Court Reporting & Video are fluent in the terminology that comes with real estate law and will prove to be the backbone for any attorney’s case. Our transcripts are always accurate and delivered in a timely manner. You can count on our reliable staff to deliver on each and every one of your needs.


Landlord Tenant Laws

Construction Defects

Mortgages and Equity Loans

Land Use Laws