Thank You for Helping Us Contribute to the Phoenix Community

At Coash Court Reporting & Video, we’re grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the Phoenix community as well as the legal community, both of which we are fortunate to be a part. We want to be a Phoenix company that gives back—and we couldn’t do it without the organizations that offer opportunities to engage and support worthwhile initiatives, the clients whose business allows us to give, and an incredible staff that always rises to the occasion.

Why We Contribute to the Phoenix Community

To explain why community involvement is important at Coash Court Reporting & Video, we feel a little history is necessary. The firm was established in Phoenix, Arizona in 1981 by Gerard and Meri Coash. Both certified court reporters, the two have remained involved with the company after passing the reins to their son, Jerry Coash Jr., who now runs the business alongside his wife, Cristina Coash, the firm’s Client Development Manager.

As longtime Phoenix residents, the Coashes are committed to leveraging their success in business for the benefit of the local community. As part of the legal community, Coash Court Reporting & Video is also driven to support organizations and causes that support the strength and growth of the legal profession. We are grateful to those who allow us the opportunities and structure within which we can focus these aspirations and efforts.

We would like to thank the organizations responsible for two recent local events in which we were honored to participate—the Los Abogados 22nd Annual Golf Tournament and the Maricopa County Bar Association (MCBA) 2021 Paralegal Conference. Finally, this acknowledgment would be incomplete without a grateful nod to our clients, without whom we would not be able to engage and support our community in such fulfilling ways.

Los Abogados, Thank You for Helping Us Contribute to the Phoenix Community

Image of Cristina Coash representing the Maricopa County court reporting services of Coash & Coash at the Los Abogados golf tournament in Phoenix, AZ.

We were honored to sponsor and participate in the Los Abogados 22nd Annual Golf Tournament in November. The event was held at the beautiful Legacy Golf Resort and funds raised will benefit the charitable arm of Los Abogados, Arizona’s Hispanic Bar Association.

The Los Abogados Foundation’s mission is to support, encourage, and develop the Latino community through the advancement of the legal profession. Programs supported by events like the golf tournament include the Honorable Valdemar A. Cordova Scholarship and the Pipeline Fellowship Program, which provides free, in-person LSAT training to ten students per year.

In addition to the work of the foundation, the bar association provides its members with educational, networking, and service opportunities. Cristina, a member of Los Abogados, and the rest of the Coash Court Reporting & Video team are thrilled to be able to support the efforts of this organization. We thank Los Abogados for the opportunity to give back—and a great time on the course!

MCBA, Thank You for Helping Us Be a Phoenix Company that Gives Back

Image of Cristina and Jerry Coash representing Coash Court Reporting & Video, a Phoenix company that gives back, at the 2021 MCBA Paralegal Conference.

Also in November, we were excited to be a Valued Sponsor of the 2021 MCBA Paralegal Conference. The MCBA was founded in 1914 and remains the largest voluntary bar association in Arizona. The association’s mission is “to serve its members, the legal profession, the judicial system and the public.”

The conference featured vendors offering legal and law-related services, courses on a broad range of legal topics, a keynote speech by Landon Merrill, and the presentation of the 2021 Paralegal Member of the Year Award (congratulations to Jamie Wright!).

Jerry and Cristina had a wonderful time visiting and talking with other members of the legal community while exhibiting the greater Phoenix court reporting services of Coash Court Reporting & Video at the event. We are proud to sponsor an organization that provides its members with valuable networking, professional development, and public service opportunities.

Clients, Thank you for Trusting in Our Court Reporting Services

Here in Arizona and throughout the country, we are fortunate to work with some of the best attorneys, law firms, and legal professionals around. The work we do—from traditional court reporting services to remote conferences and realtime reporting offerings to videography, e-transcripts, and more—requires the highest attention to detail and a commitment to professionalism and perfection. We are grateful both to our staff, who exemplify and uphold our high standards, and to the clients who trust us to provide the services and products they rely on in their practices and cases.

It is an honor and a privilege to serve our clients and contribute to the Phoenix community and beyond. If you would like to discuss our charitable offerings or court reporting services in Arizona or across the US, please reach out by calling 602-258-1440 or 800-262-DEPO (3376), or complete our online contact form and we will be in touch!