What You Need to Know about Remote Deposition Services

By necessity, the use of remote services has increased immensely in the post-COVID-19 era. Social distancing may have vastly reduced in-person meetings, but lawsuits continue as usual as does the need for depositions. New companies are popping up all over, trying to sell remote deposition services and legal videography. Coash Court Reporting & Video, however, is no newcomer.

With 40 years’ experience, Coash Court Reporting & Video continues its original quest to provide quality and cutting-edge services to assist the legal community in resolving cases. We remove the worry of technology and finding a qualified court reporter so that attorneys can focus on the content.

Preparing for Remote Deposition Services

The success of a remote deposition or other videoconference is directly tied to the preparation of all parties who will attend the deposition. Before the deposition takes place, discuss the following with the court reporting and legal videography team, including the deposition videographer who will be capturing the legal record of the proceeding;

  • Amount of time anticipated for the deposition;
  • Specific needs, if any, related to equipment and technical issues; and
  • Special accommodations, if any, necessary for any of the attendees.

Following these conversations, nobody should be surprised at a deposition.

Coash Court Reporting & Video ensures that all attendees have the information they need to engage in the successful operation of a remote deposition.

Basic Requirements for a Successful Remote Videoconference

Preparation is key for a successful deposition. While many attorneys focus on the legal preparation, such as knowing the case and reviewing evidence, a successful deposition also has some technical requirements. These include running technical checks to verify that you have the following:

  • A strong, secure, and consistent Internet connection;
  • A computer, tablet, or smartphone with quality audio and video capabilities; and
  • Adequate lighting, preferably from a source in front of the subject rather than behind.

Coash Court Reporting & Video has continually refined its audio and video technology and practices, using both experience and innovation to maximize the benefit and efficient running of remote depositions.

How Attorneys Can Best Prepare for a Remote Deposition

Attorneys can best prepare for a remote videoconference by educating themselves and others who will be in attendance on some best practices to follow before the conference.

Before the date of the remote deposition, attorneys should:

  • Determine the equipment to be used;
  • Test that equipment with a one of our video technicians in advance;
  • Fully charge or plug in the devices to be used;
  • Prepare backup power supplies;
  • Coordinate with court reporting and videography personnel regarding the arrangement the video conferencing equipment;
  • Stabilize, mute, or disable notifications of any tablet or smartphone that will be so as to proactively remove potential distractions;
  • Dress professionally in solid colors or other clothing that is not busy or distracting; and
  • Arrange for an appropriate background that is not busy, distracting, or unprofessional.

If you are going to be attending a deposition as an attorney, remember to do the following to create a clear record:

  • State your name when objecting or otherwise speaking if not acknowledged as the speaker;
  • Speak slowly;
  • Avoid, as much as possible, interrupting;
  • Look into the camera, not at other attendees on the screen, when speaking;
  • Minimize unnecessary movements and fidgeting; and
  • Stay focused and present.

Scheduling Your Deposition Services

When you schedule a remote videoconference deposition with Coash Court Reporting & Video, whether you use our facilities and equipment or your own, we provide the guidance and support you need for a successful proceeding and recording, so you can focus on the content of the case.

For more information about how we can help or to schedule, contact Coash Court Reporting & Video at 800-262-DEPO (3376) or (602) 258-1440, or use our online scheduling form to secure your remote deposition services today or our online contact form to make other inquiries.