Why We Give Back to the Arizona Community

Since its founding in 1981, Coash Court Reporting & Video has made it a priority to give back to the Arizona community with support for nonprofit organizations and legal associations. Coash Court Reporting & Video was founded in 1981 in Phoenix, Arizona by Gerard (Jerry Sr.) and Meri Coash. Jerry Sr. and Meri continue with the firm as court reporters, but the couple’s son, Jerry Coash Jr., is now Chief Executive Officer of Coash Court Reporting & Video, and his wife, Cristina Coash, is the firm’s Chief Operations Officer.

Known for their expertise and precision, the family firm has a network of local court reporters dedicated to reaching their goals of service, both to the legal profession and the local community. The leadership and staff at Coash Court Reporting & Video are proud to use their success and resources for the benefit of those in need of compassion and assistance in Arizona and elsewhere.

How We Give Back to the Arizona Community

Although Coash Court Reporting & Video serves clients across the country with their team of court reporters and videographers, most of their contributions to nonprofit organizations focus on their home base of Arizona. Grateful to get their start in the Grand Canyon State, the firm takes pride in aiding Arizona charities and making contributions to the Phoenix community. Now an established business, the company continues to expand its work with nonprofits throughout Arizona.

Spotlight on Support for Arizona Charities: Arizona Helping Hands

Coash Court Reporting & Video are proud to have established a relationship with Arizona Helping Hands, an Arizona charity serving children in foster care and the families who provide for them. Arizona Helping Hands relies on community support to provide necessities such as diapers, clothes, and school supplies to foster children and families.

Because children landing in foster care rarely have anywhere to safely store their belongings, Arizona Helping Hands provides children with Foster Footlockers as well as bedding and other personal items. They also provide personalized birthday packages and educational activities to make these foster placements feel more like home.

Helping Foster Families in Arizona

Coash Court Reporting & Video also supports the work Arizona Helping Hands does to provide critical items to ensure foster families meet the criteria of Arizona’s Life Safety Inspection, a requirement to foster children in the home. Coash Court Reporting & Video gives back to the Arizona community by supporting the organization’s donations of essential items such as fire extinguishers and first aid kits. This aid and other contributions to the Phoenix community assist families who are filling these vital roles, helping them raise children in need into healthy adults.

Why Coash Court Reporting & Video Supports Charities in Arizona and Beyond

As Arizona court reporters, contributing to the community is a priority for the Coashes and their team. In gratitude to Phoenix, where they have served for years as reliable and trusted local court reporters, the Coash family provides support to worthy organizations that are making a difference in the area. Coash Court Reporting & Video will continue to support Arizona Helping Hands and make contributions to the Phoenix community through other nonprofits, with more nonprofit partnerships coming in future months.

To learn more about Coash Court Reporting & Video or how you can help give back to the Arizona community with the firm, call (602) 258-1440 or complete the firm’s online contact form.